Today I am announcing a Go Language Basics class. The class is provided as a free video and accompanying class materials in PDF format.

The class is meant to bring new programmers up to speed with Go. It is heavy on exercises and because its video, it provides animated illustrations of slice internals, pointers, ...

This class provides similar materials to what I taught at Google and Microsoft around the globe.

The video series can be found here:

The class syllabus:

  • Why use Go
  • Why not to use Go
  • Packages
  • Types
  • Variables
  • Loops
  • Conditionals
  • Functions
  • Public/Private
  • Scopes
  • Structs
  • Pointers
  • Maps/Slices
  • Variadic Functions
  • Error Handling
  • Anonymous Functions
  • Defer/Panic/Recover
  • Interfaces
  • Go Routines
  • Channels
  • Syncronization
  • Constants
  • Blank Interfaces
  • Embedding/Composition
  • Writing Tests